Vivani 100% Organic Dark Chocolate – Orange (70% cocoa)

I love chocolate… WAIT! Let me rephrase that. If I buy expensive chocolate for myself do not touch it if you plan to keep all your digits. Yes I love chocolate that much. I am not a chocolate connoisseur but I might call myself a chocolate snob at times.


Where I live there are two Central Markets (they offer an unmatched selection of domestic and imported foods) near me that my family and I like to shop at for all of our non staple foods. My father and I have a game of sorts where we each pick out a chocolate bar and then try them out to help feed our love of chocolate.

Last trip we made together we picked up a  Vivani 100% Organic Dark Chocolate – Orange (70% cocoa). For 70% is it a little sweeter than I had expected and the aftertaste was a smooth hint of orange. The bar is scored in rectangles which made for easy breaking to enjoy just a few bites at a time. 

  The chocolate is made in Herford, Germany.

Overall Thoughts:

The orange is not overwhelming and very tasty. I found it to be a more refined taste to the Terry’s chocolate oranges that come in a ball that you tap on a table to split the chocolate “orange slices”  apart.


(out of 5 stars)

Smoothness:  ****1/2

Richness: ***

Orange: **1/2 

Chocolatey: ****

Lack of Graininess: ****

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