Battlefield 4 First Impressions


I preordered Battlefield 4 along with the PS4. I have played about 6 games of this title on the new generation of platform. The only game mode I’ve played is team death match and its pretty straight forward and like all the other games with this same mode.

I first thing I noticed in the upgrade is the crispness and detail in the graphics from what I have personally watched with the PS3 version. The game runs very smooth. Multiple explosions at the same time from different angles works flawlessly together. You won’t find yourself safe in many places. The entire world you play in is destructible. With the right equipment in the hands of the enemy, walls mean nothing.

Besides team death match and one conquest game, I did play around with the Test Range mode. I first saw something similar in the latest Ghost Recon game. You pretty much spawn on an island that has no “live” enemy players and you test your weapon load outs, practice flying helicopters, boats, ground vehicles and stationary weapons. It’s all practice practice practice. Flying in helicopters is no joke. It take some skill or at least an understanding of what needs to be done at the same time for the helicopter to do what you want. Sadly there aren’t any fighter jets you can toy around with in this mode but overall, a great feature to utilize.

Every game has their own different way to rank up your character. In Battlefield you only rank up a particular class when you play in that class and earn points using it. The same goes with vehicles. You have to use the tank or jet, earn points within the vehicle to unlock certain weapons or armor that can be used with the particular type of vehicle. It takes a bit longer because you have to do everything separately but it actually keeps you in the game longer and gives you more things you can achieve before maxing out.

As far as I have played, if you’re familiar with Battlefield it follows the same guidelines with just a better game engine, new maps, guns and vehicles. So far a very good game to play. The realism is awesome. I’ll have a more in depth review as I play more in the upcoming weeks.

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