Sugar Cane Juice and Models

(No photos, the internet in our Surat hotel is horrible and I just can’t get anything uploaded.  My apologies)

Complete Strangers, Instant Family

I am really loving seeing and meeting family from India. They are all so amazing. Last night we met with the Widow of my grandfathers childhood friend. Her daughters were there and drove a long way just to see my grandfather. We walked into the home and it wasn’t who is this stranger it was more of welcome to the family.

I have never felt more at home with complete strangers. By the end of the night they weren’t strangers, they were just part of my Indian family. As I stay here longer and longer the more family I am seemingly going home with. I like that.


I go through cycles of eating very little and eating everything in sight. About two days before boarding the plane for India, I knew I was about to start eating a lot less. Back home this really is never a problem.  I take care of myself and eat when I am hungry. Here I have started to run into the problem that when I am with family and I am not eating as much everyone is worried.  They are worried that  I am going to go hungry. The truth is,  I am just not eating that much of one thing,  but I am trying everything.

My family, god bless them, are wanting to help and find a way to fix this.  They are very concerned about my health and but I am happy and very healthy.

Signs That I am Growing Up

I have been wanting to turn on the American news stations so I can find out the news I want to hear about. Elections! Sadly Aljazeera will have to do until I get home.

The Pyro in Me

I am seeing all the fires that are set in India thinking back to my days of being a pyro. (Not really, I just liked started the campfires in Boy Scouts).  Then I smell the smoke and I miss my gas mask. Such a strange place.

The Ocean

Today we saw the ocean.  Then we met back up with my uncle who joined us in the Jungle and his family. I find it interesting that being on the other side of the world we do not have pictures of family like they do. We have albums with photos from years ago.  Here, they have  photos of my grandfather and grandmother when they visited in the 70’s posted on their wall. Kinda cool.

Today is Valentine’s day and I am without a Valentines! Not that it is a bad thing, but if anyone sees my grandpa and I, we just say I am his bodyguard 😉

India is Truly a Place Worth Visiting.

I have found that I have a place to crash any time I am in India seemingly anywhere.

Song of the day:

Polarized – Imagine Dragons

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