The Mystery of Mr. Mistry

As I sit here and question my life choices. Yesterday we were given the total VIP treatment. We went to visit not one, but two diamond factories. My uncle went to school with a gentleman who owns Lexus SoftMac. If you picked up this card off the street you’d have no clue who he is and what they do unless you googled it. I knew we were going to see a diamond factory but I didn’t know anything more than that when we left the hotel. We drove across the river and into a Gem and Jewelry park in Surat, India. As we pulled into a parking lot, Uncle mentioned he did the landscaping for the company. I figured he just knew the company based on that fact.  NO!  It turns out Mr. Utpal Mistry grew up with my Uncle and they are very good friends. Mr.Mistry owns a company … What you’re missing….


$4.5 Million Dollar Diamond Today was a very normal day for Grandpa and I. We held a $4.5 million dollar diamond today, like it was nothing. I am only meeting 6 family members while I am in India.  I wish we had the time and the ability to meet more. They are truly the salt of the earth. Tonight I am bringing a taste of my cooking to India.  I am cooking for the family, which is as it might seem to be, a hard task.  You see,  my family here are all Hindu and only eat Vegetarian. I am a red blooded American and I so love eating meat.  I don’t really cook much vegetables at all, much less “vegetarian”. On top of that, they do not use the milk of a cow.  They will use the milk of a water buffalo. We will see how dinner turns out. … What you’re missing….

Sugar Cane Juice and Models

(No photos, the internet in our Surat hotel is horrible and I just can’t get anything uploaded.  My apologies) Complete Strangers, Instant Family I am really loving seeing and meeting family from India. They are all so amazing. Last night we met with the Widow of my grandfathers childhood friend. Her daughters were there and drove a long way just to see my grandfather. We walked into the home and it wasn’t who is this stranger it was more of welcome to the family. I have never felt more at home with complete strangers. By the end of the night they weren’t strangers, they were just part of my Indian family. As I stay here longer and longer the more family I am seemingly going home with. I like that. Eating I go through cycles of eating very little and eating everything in sight. About two days before boarding the … What you’re missing….

Planes, Trains, and Vans?!!?

(No photos, the internet in our Surat hotel is horrible and I just can’t get anything uploaded.  My apologies) Okay, so maybe this is just the head cold hitting me but I am starting to feel like myself being here in India and the traffic is normal. This isn’t a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love being here.   But things should not be normalizing for me!! This means when I get home, I am going to miss not being able to breathe! Family…Lots of Family Now, so let’s talk about Grandpa and family. These people are so amazing! The fact that they are giving me a trip of a lifetime like this, it is truly something there are no words.  I can’t find any  to use that express how thankful I am to be here with them. My grandfather is amazing person and I wish I could share … What you’re missing….

The Gir Jungle: Safari Time

The True Lion King Part 1 of 2   Hello, I will be your guide today….. Today is Thursday the 11th and I am in the Gir Jungle. Time: 1:22pm Today I didn’t wake up feeling like P-Diddy. I woke up feeling more Kurt Cobain (post 1994). Grandpa has a cold and since we are sharing hotel rooms and really never apart, I have picked up his cold. I Feel Another Rant Coming On I would like to complain for a minute if I may. I was told by my grandfather that we are coming on this trip to find me a bride and yet all I have seen him do is ignore his one job. I am not bringing him on these trips anymore if he cannot even do the one thing he was charged with. Complaint hour over. Travel Day So yesterday was a blow-off day. We spent … What you’re missing….

Jaipur: City of Eaten Shoes?

  Jaipur – The city That Ate My Grandfather… or at least his shoe… Scene one Act one So there we were, on a trip to ride the Elephants in Jaipur.  Little did we know that our story wasn’t going to end happily without the city taking its cut. As always, we had a fairly normal morning. Minus the fact that the credit card, which was stolen in Dubai, has yet to arrive. This caused us to change course for a moment to call the bank trying to locate the card.  Since we are hopping on a plane for the Gir Jungle tomorrow morning, this needs to be taken care of. Sadly we will have to wait until we get to Surat for the card to be delivered. Elephant Ride We met up with Ram and our guide to ride an elephant up to Amber Fort. The Fort that ate … What you’re missing….