Atticus James Vlog 2: Drones and Pumper Trucks

I don’t know why but construction is fascination to me to watch. I personally have never enjoyed working in it (in the years that I have done it) but nonetheless it is interesting to watch from a birds eye view.

The DJI Phantom 4 Gets Me High For Your Enjoyment

I have been in love with drone footage since I first saw them in HD. The DJI Phantom 4 Drone is pricey at $1200-$1500 but if you are looking for a piece of video equipment that is going to give you 4k video and is extremely easy to pick up and learn to fly, this might be the drone and camera for you. Something I am a big fan of, is the fact that it has it own on board camera rather than expecting you to use a GoPro. Chances are I am going to have my GoPros tied up on other shots if I am using the drone for some larger projects. You can Check out the Video Here

LED Lenser X21r.2 Review

Atticus James checking out the 3000 lumen flashlight from LED Lenser. This beast of a flashlight is your heavy duty professional grade flashlight. Click here to see the video review of this monster flashlight.  

Atticus James Shop Talk Episode 1

Today I am introducing a new series called Shop Talk. My goals for this series is just a short video with my personal tips and tricks.  What this isn’t, is a review, but a chance for me to share some of my knowledge.  I hope you enjoy episode 1 and I look forward to continuing this series! Click here for the Video

Now Boarding: Pelican Carry-On Elite

  After my recent month long trip, I knew I need to replace my cheap luggage. Pelican shipped out their 22” Elite Carry-on Luggage for me to review. I will be publishing my review later on this year.  I want a chance to use it on a few of my upcoming trips to give you a good overall review. Stay tuned. You can see the video here. Please be sure to check out and follow our social media sites for updates and upcoming reviews! Pinterest: Find us on Facebook: Find us on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

Atticus James Canon T5i Unboxing Video

I am always excited to play with new camera gear and just gear in general. After a few months feeling naked without my DSLR I finally found a great deal online to replace my Canon T4i. Stay tuned for future reviews using this camera. Click here For the Unboxing Video.

Leatherman Tread: Now Boarding First Class and Business Class

As many of you know, I own two websites, a firearm review site and “ A guys Life In Review” site. I have written a few reviews about the Leatherman tools over the last few years. So when I heard about the Leatherman Tread, I jumped on getting one as quick as I could.   Easy? Check   Complete? Not So Much The Leatherman Tread is not the one and done tool you should carry. I doubt the designers had that in mind when they dreamt this tool up, I believe what they did want is a tool that was easy to travel with and that was something that went with any style. They came up with this: Around the World in 28 Days….Well the Miles Anyway As you can read in my previous posts, I just spent a month in India. I just quickly did the numbers so … What you’re missing….