Battlefield 4 [UPDATE]

Battlefield 4 [UPDATE]

Battlefield 4 is one of the two big shooter titles out on consoles and PC. I have been playing it on the Sony PS4 and I am breaking it into categories and some sub categories within the larger ones for ease of reading. CAMPAIGN:First I must say that I am not a person that normally plays campaign. In BF4 you unlock weapons just by playing the campaign. I won’t reveal which ones but I will say it’s a shotgun, pistol, assault rifle and a light machine gun. This campaign is VERY short. 6 missions to be exact. I guess it’s a little better that each mission is 20 minutes and some a bit longer. Again, I don’t like campaign so I only played to get the guns so I don’t mind how short it is. MULTIPLAYER:There are very large differences in the online play between the two huge shooter titles. … What you’re missing….

Bullseye Camera Systems 500 Yard Edition review

I contacted  Bullseye Camera Systems a few months back to review their Bullseye Camera Systems 500 Yard Edition. The company was founded in 2012 and I rate it as one of the best new pieces of shooting gear for 2013. While Panzer was prepping for an elk hunt this past October, we spent day after day at the rifle range to hone his distance shooting skills with his new rifle. Before starting to talk with Bullseye Camera Systems, we were utilizing every binocular, scope and spotting scope we had, to judge each shot taken. Every 10 or so shots we had to walk the 200-300 yards to cover previous shots with stickers to get clean readings.  The back and forth trips down the range kills a good 15% to 50% of your day at the range. The Bullseye Camera Systems is just that… a target viewing system that sits near … What you’re missing….

Vivani 100% Organic Dark Chocolate – Orange (70% cocoa)

Vivani 100% Organic Dark Chocolate – Orange (70% cocoa)

I love chocolate… WAIT! Let me rephrase that. If I buy expensive chocolate for myself do not touch it if you plan to keep all your digits. Yes I love chocolate that much. I am not a chocolate connoisseur but I might call myself a chocolate snob at times. Where I live there are two Central Markets (they offer an unmatched selection of domestic and imported foods) near me that my family and I like to shop at for all of our non staple foods. My father and I have a game of sorts where we each pick out a chocolate bar and then try them out to help feed our love of chocolate. Last trip we made together we picked up a  Vivani 100% Organic Dark Chocolate – Orange (70% cocoa). For 70% is it a little sweeter than I had expected and the aftertaste was a smooth hint … What you’re missing….

Zagg invisibleSHIELD for the iPhone 3GS and 4s review

I upgraded to the iPhone 3GS early 2010 and I was very excited to have one because I knew how awesome they were (why yes! I am an Apple fan thank you for noticing.) I picked up the phone at my local carrier and then went straight to Best Buy to get a screen cover. First I’ll say I would have normally done a search on the screen cover product before I buy the phone but this was my first phone screen protector and I never really thought about it before that day. I walked in found a $15 cover (Zagg invisibleSHIELD iPhone 3GS front only cover) to put on my shiny new phone and I never really thought much about it until I stated seeing my lady friend tap the icons on my phone with her very sharp claws nails. I would find little finger nail imprints in the … What you’re missing….

Battlefield 4 First Impressions

I preordered Battlefield 4 along with the PS4. I have played about 6 games of this title on the new generation of platform. The only game mode I’ve played is team death match and its pretty straight forward and like all the other games with this same mode. I first thing I noticed in the upgrade is the crispness and detail in the graphics from what I have personally watched with the PS3 version. The game runs very smooth. Multiple explosions at the same time from different angles works flawlessly together. You won’t find yourself safe in many places. The entire world you play in is destructible. With the right equipment in the hands of the enemy, walls mean nothing. Besides team death match and one conquest game, I did play around with the Test Range mode. I first saw something similar in the latest Ghost Recon game. You pretty … What you’re missing….

Zombie Annihilator ZA-15

Back in April 2012 I was involved in a Zombie shoot in Dallas, TX the grand prize sponsor was American Weapon Systems. After seeing the grand prize I contacted them and had a chance to talk with them about doing a test and evaluation of the ZA-15. SPECS: American Weapon Systems Forged Zombie Annihilator® Lower and Upper, Machined from Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum AWS 16″ Mid-Length LW-50 Stainless Steel Barrel 1:8 Twist Polygonal Rifling, With .223 Wylde Chamber. AWS Nickel Boron Coated M16 Bolt Carrier Two Stage Trigger: Geissele Magpul UBR (utility / battle rifle) Magpul MIAD (Mission Adaptable) Grip Magpul MOE Trigger Guard Surefire 60 round high Cap Mag Forward Grip: TROY Industries, Modular Combat Grip Samson Low Profile Gas Block MechArmor TacOps-1 Charging Handle A2 Flash Suppressor Samson FFS & FRS Quick Flip Sights Samson manufacturing, Evolution series 12.37” Forend Old Man Lefty and I had a few chances … What you’re missing….