Turtle Wax T-222R Super Hard Shell Paste Wax Review

About a year ago I ran out of whatever brand of car wax I was last using on my vehicles. I ran to my local Big Box store to pick up some inexpensive wax just to keep my vehicles protected. I saw the Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell with foam applicator and figured I would give it a try. The application directions are very straight forward and easy to use. I picked it up and I have been very happy ever since. Directions Wash and dry car Apply to cool clean surface, not in direct sunlight Apply a small amount of wax to a DAMP applicator  (This is one of the most important parts to remember as a dry applicator will make it harder to buff off dried haze) Spread small amounts evenly Allow time to dry and haze up (in about 80 degree temps it was dry and hazy … What you’re missing….

Smoke Hollow PS 4400" Propane Gas Smoker Review

I personally smoke some kind of meat at least a couple times a month. Since we are here in Texas, that is year round! I started smoking meat about 33 years ago. I got my first charcoal smoker as a wedding present from my father in law. I have personally gone through at least 12 different smokers. I have smoked meat on charcoal smokers, propane smokers, electric smokers, as well as a custom built trailered, wood smoker. Back in 2003, my father in law “upgraded” me from a charcoal smoker to a propane smoker because one of his buddies said it did a really good job and made life much easier. I was very skeptical because I was violating the unwritten code of smoker purists. I have to tell you, I was hooked immediately. Once you get the temperature adjusted it is very easy to go back to the control … What you’re missing….

Material 4X M-Pact Glove Review

I have used different versions of the Mechanix gloves for years and I LOVE them. They make durable, long lasting gloves that can deal with years of hard labor. My hands are essential to my life and to my work. I have had a few hand injuries that could have been lessened had I had gloves on. (Lesson learned!) I have tried different brands over the years that have gotten worn out with grinding and sawcutting in just a few months. The fingers of other gloves just wear away with all the dust and dirt that comes with prepping floors. A while back I got a pair of the Material 4X M-Pact gloves from Mechanix. I have been using this pair for about 5 months now and the gloves show very little signs of being worn. If you saw them you would not believe that that they had been used … What you’re missing….

Leatherman MUT First Impressions

This is my first impressions of the Leatherman MUT (Military Utility Tool). I plan to release my full review later this month, after I have had a chance to use the tool more. I have had the Leatherman MUT for about a week now. I haven’t used it much in the field and it has spent most of the time in its pouch on my person or in the desk next to me. SPECS of the Leatherman MUT The Leatherman MUT weights in a 11.2 oz. or 317.5 g so it falls on the slightly heftier side of what I normally carry (Leatherman Wave 8oz).  The weight is not that noticeable on my hip. I did take the 3/8 wrench/ AR front sight tool out of the pouch as I am afraid of losing it. I have been carrying the Leatherman Rail to the range since I got it Christmas … What you’re missing….

$25 worth of Hell

Review of The PARADISE GARDEN LAS VEGAS BUFFET AT FLAMINGO LAS VEGAS HOTEL AND CASINO My Dad and I have visited Las Vegas about 4 times in the last 7 years. We are not drinkers or gamblers and we typically only go there for work conventions like SHOT Show. One of our rituals WAS going to the Flamingo for crab legs. In years past we would go there and each eat an abundance of crab legs and our waiters would joke about us having to crab walk out of there with how big our guts got. The 2014 trip was very different. I had planned to review the buffet with my staff Thursday night of our trip, I contacted the hotel and we were sent to the Concierge of the Flamingo, Deborah Bergen.  She did everything in her power to help me on my quest to write a few reviews … What you’re missing….

X-products X-15 50 Round .223/5.56×45 Drum Magazine Review

Typically I am not one to share my hopes and dreams with you as this is a gun website full of guns and gun stuff but today I need to share with you the nightmare that has been in my life for the past year now. As I am sure a lot of you have seen the X-products 50 round X-15 .223/5.56×45 drum magazine for the AR-15 platform and might have even seen the video below of me firing off all 50 rounds with the ZA-15 which, as you see, feeds the rounds like a dream. But this isn’t the part where I tell you about the good but where I share my nightmare. When I first started my testing a year ago I fell in love with the magazine and I am known to call this the p-mag of the drum world because of how fun it is. I … What you’re missing….

Lifetime Fitness review

Growing up, I was heavily involved in extracurricular activities such as Boy Scouts of America and a club swim team. I swam for almost 7 years and enjoyed the workout but not the competition.   When I aged out of the team I needed a new home to swim and keep physically fit.  One of my Eagle scout brothers and best friends at the time took me to visit our local Lifetime Fitness club. After a few trips to this fitness club I had fallen in love with the place and had to get a membership. I had the membership for many years until I broke my back and had to drop it while I healed. I used to work out before my injury from 11pm until 2am most nights and I loved it. The gym was always empty and quiet so I could focus on my needs vs. having to wait … What you’re missing….