Leibinger Seeradler plus


German Beer

A few weeks back I was at the store with a friend shopping for beers to stock his fridge and we decided to each do a pick-six and try out some different flavors.  I came across the Leibinger Seeradler plus (a grapefruit soda mixed with beer) which for the non Germans a Radler is a beer-based mixed drink similar to a sports drink that, as my Germen friends explained to me, is a drink someone might order after working out or playing a sport since it is refreshing.

Since I am not German nor have I spent anytime there, this was a weird concept to me, that someone would want to mix a sports drink like Gatorade and beer together, but to each his own.

I digress. When I brought this home, having no idea what I was about to drink,  I was made fun of for not drinking a “MANLY BEER”.  Honestly, I have never been one to care if someone makes fun of my choice of drinks as I am comfortable in my manhood and if I drink something out of the norm and I like it I will most assuredly order it again.

The night went on and it was about to be my third and final beer of the night so I picked up the Seeradler and poured it into my glass . Much to my surprise it was more like a flat Sunkist than a beer.  There was no head and light carbonation coming the the surface. 

Citrus Tastes

I typically don’t like grapefruit flavor but this was more orange than grapefruit.   It almost reminded me of someone pouring a dash of beer into a Sunkist. You can taste the beer but it is more a hint.  As a cold drink in the summer I could see myself drinking one of these instead of a Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  It is more thirst-quenching like a Gatorade or a Vitamin water.

Seeradler is sweet and tangy with a light hoppy taste to drink and had clean after taste

Final Thoughts:

While I am not rushing out to my local distributor to pick this up if I saw it on the shelf when I was looking for something different I would pick this up.

If you are looking for a new drink that is refreshing this is worth checking out.


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