Fajita Recipe

I love to cook. I have always loved preparing meals for myself and my family. Growing up in the BSA I was taught how to create menus, purchase the correct amount of food for a group of upwards of 12 people for a weekend and do it on a budget. For half of my teens, I was the troops cooking instructor which meant I taught the rest of the boy scouts in my troop how to do the same.

My specialty was single Dutch oven meals over coals.   I have friends from my adult life who have been begging for me to take them camping just so they can see if I am as good a camp cook as I am in a fully stocked kitchen. (I give my best friend a pan of homemade lasagna for his birthday and Christmas every year because that is what he asks for)

My review

I use two products on all my grilled beef.

Adolph’s (no MSG) Tenderizer (unseasoned)


Fiesta brand Fajita Seasoning


I have been using these two on all my steaks for as long as I can remember. If you cannot find these in your local grocer you can pick it up on Amazon (I will link the pictures below to the link online. I am an affiliate and do receive a small compensation if you purchase products after clicking.  Thank you.)

These two together are a simple and tasty prep for your steaks.

The Recipe

Note* While I am prepping beef fajitas in these pictures, the only change when making just steak is the cut of meat. I do this to any cut of meat to insure I get the most tender steak I can. I can prep and grill a cheap cut of steak and a more expensive cut and they will both be tender with my method.

We want the grill to reach 400-500°F max. Depending on the type of grill you have, you will want to start your grill with the appropriate amount of time needed to reach that temp, before you start grilling. I use a gas grill so that is a few minutes, if you use charcoal, you will know the time needed.

AtticusJames.com type of meat to buy

For Fajitas I use skirt steak. When prepping your skirt steak you want to remove as much silver skin and fat without cutting into the steak as possible.

AtticusJames.com cutting of the silver

You want to be able to see as much red meat as possible because the tenderizer does not do a good job of penetrating the fat and silver skin.

AtticusJames.com start to tenderize

Once your meat is prepared you are ready to start tenderizing with the Adolph’s Tenderizer.


There is no need to be stingy with the tenderizer; but don’t go overboard

AtticusJames.com tenderize both sides

After covering both sides with Adolph’s tenderizer, you will want to have the steak on a tray so when the juices start flowing you do not have a big mess.

AtticusJames.com Times fajitas tenderizer 30 min.

Start a timer for 30 minutes and leave the steaks alone (there is no reason to flip the steaks).

AtticusJames.com Fajita Recipe

After 30 minutes you will see the steak is juicy. No water has been added.

Wash the steaks under cold water until the tenderizer is washed off.

AtticusJames.com Fajita recipe with tenderizer

Reapply tenderizer and leave the steaks with the opposite side facing up

AtticusJames.com Fajita steak recipe

Set timer for 15 minutes and leave the steaks alone.

AtticusJames.com another 15 minutes for tenderizing

After the 15 minutes are over you can see the fibers holding the steak together are starting to release.

AtticusJames.com wash off tenderizer

Wash the steaks and tray off until the tenderizer is gone.

AtticusJames.com start the grill for fajitas.

Now it is time to start your grill

(We want the grill to reach 400-500°F  max so start your grill with the appropriate amount of time needed to reach that temp before you start grilling).


Now it is time to season with the Fiesta Fajita Seasoning.

AtticusJames.com seasoning for fajitas.

Beef and other red meats have more natural flavor than chicken so season to how you like your fajitas.

AtticusJames.com grill temp for fajitas

Time to start grilling.

AtticusJames.com cooking fajitas 2 minutes

I set a timer for 2 minutes and let the steaks cook on each side for 2 minutes before flipping.

AtticusJames.com fajitas melting on the grill

You can see the steak is wanting to just melt

Atticus James fajitas recipe

AtticusJames.com temping your fajitas

Temp your steaks to make sure they reach a minimal internal temp of 145°F degrees

Atticus James Fajitas

When cutting your steaks you want to go against the grain of the meat. This way of cutting makes the steak easier to chew and makes it melt in your mouth.

AtticusJames.com cutting fajitas against the grain

Atticus James Fajita Recipe

Dinner is Ready!

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