From 5 to 11: The skinny on the 5.11 STRYKE™ PANTS

From 5 to 11: The skinny on the 5.11 STRYKE™ PANTS

After spending a month traveling through India and Dubai I have found my all time favorite pants!


The Military Travels, Right?

I know these pants were designed with LE and Military in mind but honestly they are perfect for travel. I was given a pair in Vegas just before leaving for India. I traded a pair of jeans out of my suitcase for these. Result? I would love to trade all of my pants for different colors and style of 5.11 pants and shorts.

In a Mall Near Me??? Soon???

I have been around 5.11 tactical clothes and gear for most of my adult life. When you are part of the gun community it is impossible not to know the name 5.11. I am not sure how popular they are outside of the industry. This needs to change. As to why 5.11 isn’t in every mall in the states is beyond me. Okay I have gushed enough about them. Let’s get down to the review.

Every Day Carry

I was offered a free pair of the 5.11 pants of my choosing. I visited the 5.11 store in Vegas and found the Stryke pants to be what I wanted to try for my trip. My brain was in India travel mode so everything I looked at there was “how could I make this trip the most comfortable for me”? I thought about what I might carry on a daily bases.

· iPhone 6 in Magpul case

· AA battery powered flashlight

· 2 Canon T4i batteries for my camera

· Passports

· Money

Pockets Full of Goodies

While that doesn’t seem like a lot to keep in my pockets, it had to be kept in my front pockets. I wanted to avoid pickpockets as best as possible. I kept my phone in my left front mag pocket which kept my normal pockets free for batteries and other junk I might pick up during the day. My right mag pocket I kept my flashlight. I used my right main pocket for my passport because it is deep.

Mag Pocket


· 6.76 oz. Flex-Tac® ripstop fabric

· Self-adjusting tunnel waistband

· Fully gusseted crotch

· Articulated knees (kneepad ready)

· Bartacking at major seams and stress points

· TEFLON® finish

· 12 pockets, including double-deep cargo pockets

· Rinse washed

· YKK® zippers

· Prym® snaps

Be Comfortable Above All Else

My goal is to get the full line of pants for my travels because they are comfortable. I lost about 20 pounds in India. So the other advantage of the pants were that they have stretch in them, so they were always fitting correctly.

They have a button and a snap for the top of the pants so you can secure your pants if the snap starts to give out on you.

My only problem is that they require them to be washed inside out. While I do my own laundry at home, I had to send out for laundry in India. I requested that they wash the correct way but I cannot be sure of that.

Water Repellent

While sitting on the Double Decker bus in Abu Dhabi I spilled a little water from my water bottle and it just beaded up and rolled off my pants without them getting wet.

Reviewing pants is a little harder than I imagined, but all I can tell you from my experience is this:

· They look nice,

· they are comfortable enough to wear for 16 hours on a flight,

· they are decked out with pockets for all of your pockety goodness and needs.

Comfortable, stylish, pockety (full of function)

What more do you really need?

Material 4X M-Pact Glove Review

Using Material4X M-Pact gloves

I have used different versions of the Mechanix gloves for years and I LOVE them. They make durable, long lasting gloves that can deal with years of hard labor. My hands are essential to my life and to my work. I have had a few hand injuries that could have been lessened had I had gloves on. (Lesson learned!)

I have tried different brands over the years that have gotten worn out with grinding and sawcutting in just a few months. The fingers of other gloves just wear away with all the dust and dirt that comes with prepping floors.

A while back I got a pair of the Material 4X M-Pact gloves from Mechanix. I have been using this pair for about 5 months now and the gloves show very little signs of being worn. If you saw them you would not believe that that they had been used that much.

The gloves are intended for:

· Multipurpose

· Abrasive material handling

· Fabrication

· Construction

· Railroad

· Woodwork

· Maintenance & repair

· Heavy equipment operation

· Towing & transportation

· DIY/Home improvement

Keeping my Hands Safe and Warm

 Material4X M-Pact gloves

Luckily, living in Texas, we don’t deal with super cold temperatures but when it has gotten cold my hands have been kept warm and comfortable with these gloves on.

For anyone who has used a grinder for longer than 10 minutes, I can tell you, they heat up QUICK! The gloves protected my hands from the searing hot grinder body. I also noticed a fair amount of vibration reduction on my hands. After a full day of grinding, my hands didn’t feel like they were still grinding, like they have in the past.

Great Knuckle Protection

I am always on my hands and knees on job sites simply because that is where the work is. I have a rolling knee cart that replaced my knee pads a few years back where I typically use my fist to drag myself a few inches. The Mechanix glove has a Thermal Plastic Rubber on the knuckle area that helps keep my knuckles out of harms’ way.

Mechanix Material4X M-Pact glove closure

The gloves have a hook and loop wrist strap that is a very high quality. This isn’t the normal crap catching style you see everywhere else. This keeps the gloves from coming undone while you are working because the hooks aren’t filled with hair and debris. The strap is locking on the palm side of your hand which seems to keep the strap from getting undone better than when it is on the back side.

The Mechanix Material 4X M-Pact gloves are not designed for ultra dexterity but I have combo locks on my trailer and I can turn the dials easily enough to unlock them with the gloves on.

Large Selection

Mechanix makes a very large selection of gloves for just about every application out there.

Overall Thoughts:

The Mechanix Material4X M-Pact gloves are a hard glove to beat when you know your hands are going to be taking a beating on the jobsite.