Amazon Prime Reviewed

Amazon Prime Reviewed

First I will say that I am an affiliate of Amazon however this is NOT a paid review and Amazon had no knowledge that I planned on reviewing them.


l like to buy things and get it as quick as possible. Waiting for whatever I bought bugs the living hell out of me! When I have a product I am review for a company I have to have the tracking codes to stalk that package until the moment it is in my hands… yes I know I have a problem and no I don’t need counseling! I like being this way.

In 2012 I was offered an upgrade on my Amazon account to the prime for a 90 day trial. I opted in and found the free 2 day shipping on all Amazon Prime items for sale which I liked, but really only bought 1 thing in that time frame and it was near the end so I didn’t get a good look at what Prime was.

After my 90 days were up I noticed I still had Prime. What I had forgotten was that when I opted in that I had to actually opt out at the end of 90 days. When I saw the automatic payment for the next year ($79 for 12 months) I was mad at first that I had been suckered into this program. I was going to call them and ask for a refund and so on and so on but I cooled off and thought “what the hell, let’s keep this keep for a year and see how worth it, it truly is.”

SPOILER ALERT! It is worth the $79 for a year.

I’m behind the times and don’t really care about Netflix or other streaming programs because I have always had cable and so why pay for more TV than you can watch? Amazon Prime offers Unlimited Instant Videos which I do watch a few movies that come on when I am bored working hard on my other websites but other than that I don’t use it. I don’t read books off my tablet so the e-reader book rental. My sister has her own Amazon Prime account for her kindle and uses it almost exclusively for shows and books. But I gotta tell you, I do LOVE the shipping part.

In the past year I have bought everything from hard drives to flash lights to birthday gifts for friends using Amazon Prime because I never have to pay for shipping and I know that I can get the product in a timely manner and I am going to find what I want and it won’t be sold out like a black Friday event in a store.

Typically if I order something on a Saturday the order says it will be delivered on Wednesday but I have found that has never been the case and that I will get it on Monday or Tuesday (your results may vary)

And while we are on the subject of shipping, may I just say that I don’t get it. If you don’t have to pay premium dollars for a retail space and someone to stand around and offer me crappy service all day long, why not pass those savings on to the online shopper by offering free shipping any way? I promise that more people would buy online if shipping was included. Just look at cyber Monday sales when most retailers offer free shipping…..ok, off my soap box.

My renewal is coming up shortly and you can be guaranteed that it will be renewed and I will be enjoying another year of Amazon Prime and free 2 day shipping, streaming fun and maybe some free books now and then.


Bullseye Camera Systems 500 Yard Edition review


I contacted  Bullseye Camera Systems a few months back to review their Bullseye Camera Systems 500 Yard Edition.

The company was founded in 2012 and I rate it as one of the best new pieces of shooting gear for 2013.

While Panzer was prepping for an elk hunt this past October, we spent day after day at the rifle range to hone his distance shooting skills with his new rifle. Before starting to talk with Bullseye Camera Systems, we were utilizing every binocular, scope and spotting scope we had, to judge each shot taken. Every 10 or so shots we had to walk the 200-300 yards to cover previous shots with stickers to get clean readings.  The back and forth trips down the range kills a good 15% to 50% of your day at the range.

The Bullseye Camera Systems is just that… a target viewing system that sits near your target.

“No more walking back and forth to the target! Spend more time shooting!” – Bullseye Camera System Facebook page.

The system comes with:
– Weatherproof camera w/night vision
– 5-hour rechargeable battery
– Router and antenna
– Tripod and connectors
– Secure carrying case
– Bullseye Target Manager Software on a flash drive
Works with any laptop running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8.

I know a few “purists” who believe that when it comes to shooting, old school is best and not use any tech. The two “purists” that I showed this system to, both thought this was a great for young and old alike since most people can’t see a .22 caliber hole in a paper at 200+ yards away.

The system is practically no maintenance  other than keeping the batteries charged and periodic free software updates.

During use, twice the system battery lasted longer than the laptop, so we just had to make a quick change of laptops by simply switching the flash drive. No download needed.


After every shot you make, by hitting the spacebar on the laptop, the Bullseye Target Manager Software takes a still shot of the target. The software then flashes between the two most recent still shots comparing them. 



The set up is as easy as setting up the tripod, mounting the camera, plugging the two USB cables into the battery pack, connecting the flash drive to your laptop and running the program.

Bullseye Camera Systems has two options:  500 yard or 1000 yard with an upgrade option for 1 mile. Both systems are similar, aside from the antenna which boosts the Wi-Fi range on the camera.

The base systems (without laptops) are $449 for the 500 yard and $549 for the 1000 yard system. Both are more an affordable option than some of the higher end spotting scopes that have clear glass to see at ranges like that.

The software lets you record all the data regarding each individual target; allowing for comparisons between days at the range. You can set different profiles for different shooters so everyone can use the same program to track their shots.  The software has a mark shot button that lets you cover your shots with a colored mark on the screen so you can use a target that has a few holes already in it.

Overall Thoughts:

This system is amazing! The company is still young so I expect to see them really starting to make waves in the next few years as they grow. The long range shooting part of the industry has needed something like this for years and as the tech becomes better and better so will this system.

Zagg invisibleSHIELD for the iPhone 3GS and 4s review

I upgraded to the iPhone 3GS early 2010 and I was very excited to have one because I knew how awesome they were (why yes! I am an Apple fan thank you for noticing.) I picked up the phone at my local carrier and then went straight to Best Buy to get a screen cover. First I’ll say I would have normally done a search on the screen cover product before I buy the phone but this was my first phone screen protector and I never really thought about it before that day.

download (1)

I walked in found a $15 cover (Zagg invisibleSHIELD iPhone 3GS front only cover) to put on my shiny new phone and I never really thought much about it until I stated seeing my lady friend tap the icons on my phone with her very sharp claws nails. I would find little finger nail imprints in the screen cover which drove me crazy until I noticed that the imprints would start to disappear over the next few days as I used the phone and I never found cuts in the cover. Since that discovery I have been sold on this cover.

My father owns a decorative flooring business that I worked for full time before I broke my back in 2010, In this line of work I tend to look like Pig-Pen from Peanuts because of all the concrete dust we make from grinding and concrete scoring so my clothes would get very coarse by the end of the work day. I never liked carrying my phone on job sites since it would always scratch the living hell out of my old phones screens.


Flat out, this cover isn’t a thin film of plastic that gets torn off after a month of use or scratched up like the screen does without a cover. This is like a rubberized (for lack of better word since it isn’t rubber) type screen cover that stays pretty much smudge and scratch free all the time.

I am one to always get my Apple Care Plan on my products because I know that my device is going to someday give me problems and it is just easy to go into the Apple Store and get a new phone. When that happens the old Zagg cover is toast and for the cost of shipping (per replacement) Zagg has a lifetime guarantee that if the cover gets damaged or the phone gets replaced with the same model they will replace it for the life of the device.

If you are looking to protect your device whether it is a tablet or a phone it is very hard to go wrong with the Zagg invisibleSHIELD. This is a company that not only stands behind the product it makes, but helps you out by replacing your cover when have to replace your device. That to me makes this cover worth the $15 each time I upgrade my device.