Please honk! – New Delhi

Please honk! – New Delhi

Horn Please

Driving in New Delhi

Thoughts that don’t seem to go through Indian drivers heads

· Why is this guy honking at me?

· Did he just cut me off?

· Pick a lane bro!

· Man that guy almost hit me!

· Why are there people walking where I am driving?!!?!

· My car is unique and stands out in a parking lot

Traffic in Delhi

All kidding aside watching our driver yesterday was interesting to say the least. Watching him drive makes me appreciate the road ways in Texas.


police car Delhi

Lotus Temple


We left the hotel and went to the Lotus Temple, a Bahá’í House of Worship.  The outside is beautiful and amazing and is made of white marble.

Lotus Temple

After that, we went to a Hindu temple, The Akshardham Temple.  This Temple  does not allow technology inside the gates. It was interesting getting inside the walls as the security is a cross between prison security meets theme park security meets airport security. I was stupid and forgot I had a flash light in my pocket.  Thankfully the guard was nice and let me pick up my flashlight on the way out.

Akshardham Temple


If you want to go inside the main temples you have to remove your shoes.  Once you are inside, it is all hand craved walls and gold everywhere.  It was just beautiful.  This Temple and the Lotus Temple are both fairly new.

Akshardham temple is worth checking out if you are ever in New Delhi. Over 70% of tourist visit here.  I would recommend Googling it.  There are pictures online of the temple and it is really beautiful.

I stopped taking pictures after we left the Akshardham.  I had only slept 3-4 hours since since leaving on Wednesday (we saw the temple on Friday 02-05-16). I just couldn’t see straight anymore. When I got back to the hotel at 4pm I laid down and passed out until 4am on Saturday.

Next up is a guided tour of Delhi.  You can bet I will be taking a million photos just to try and give you a small taste of what we are seeing over here. This place is incredible.

Atticus James

AJ’s Trip to India – Bringing Home a Bride?

AJ’s Trip to India – Bringing Home a Bride?

Bringing Home a Bride?

This week has been filled with anticipation for the adventure ahead. My grandfather has been joking with his friends that the whole point of this trip is for me to bring home a bride… Thanks -_- Grandpa!

Trip Needs a Richter Scale?

I have been out of the country before(obviously), but never on a trip of this magnitude. I am packing light, so we will just do our laundry as need be, in India.


We are flying on the A380. This is just one more part of this trip that makes it epic! My best friend and his father are plane nuts and sometimes I am just plain nuts myself… wait a minute… I digress. I told them that I was flying on the big bad boy and my best friend is a bit jealous. He has been a world traveler his whole life and still wants to take a trip in one.

Modes of Transportation

I have been looking over the itinerary and it reads something like this: plane, rickshaw, car, bus, plane, train, boat, plane car and bus ride. Needless to say, we will be busy traveling to many awesome locations. Hey, any production studios want to pay for me to scout awesome locations? I only charge $1.5 million per location per movie. Cheap, cheap, cheap!

What Did I forget?

I am sitting here just waiting for it to be time to leave thinking, sh*t did I pack everything?


AJ’s Trip of a Lifetime –

India: Introduction

My Paternal Grandfather is an Asian Indian born American; He traveled to the United States of America when he was 18. My grandmother is a typical American and so growing up my dad and aunts were raised, for the most part, as a regular American family. They had very little influence from the Indian culture. Needless to say, I am a born and raised Texan, and not all that much Indian.

A Long Distance Relationship

I lost my maternal Grandfather when I was 13. This opened my eyes to the fact that grandparent’s (at least in my case) are worth spending time with and getting to know. Since about the age of 17, I have been using video chat to keep in contact with my Grandfather who lives in California. Since we don’t get to visit often, this has let me get to know him and have him as a big part of my life. Most of our calls are about things like Apple products and talking about what is new here. What it really did, was show him that I was interested in getting to know him.

One Last Journey Home

I tell you my history so I can tell you about my upcoming trip. This past summer my Grandfather decided that he would like to take one last trip to India before he dies. He isn’t on his death bed or seemingly anywhere near it. He has decided that this is the best time to go, while he is still of sound body and mind.

A Priceless Trip

After he decided he wanted to go, he invited me on the trip. Forgetting the financial standpoint, this is truly a priceless trip. While it is true I would never be able to afford this trip on my own, it is even more priceless because I am going with him. I am going with someone who knows India and will introduce me to family I have never met. I will be able to see a country that is just incredible.

February 3rd – February 26th

My Grandfather is funny; when he invited me to go, he told me that it would be a surprise as to where in India we are going and what we are going to be doing. As we have gotten closer to our departure he still wants to keep it a surprise, but like someone who is bad at keeping a secret he keeps sharing pieces about the trip. He wants me to look up the places we are going and I have to say WOW!

Vlogging and Updating

I want to vlog while I am in India but I do not know what my upload ability will be. I am also planning on keeping up with a daily journal of what is happening on our amazing adventure! When I get home I will upload whatever footage I have that I wasn’t able to upload over there.